What Steps Are Required for Removing SBCGlobal Account from An iPhone?

Do you access the Sbcglobal account from your iPhone? Is that working properly or you have some issues with it? And finally, are you are planning to remove your account from your iPhone? But do you know how to remove it and what is the exact procedure is needed to follow for the same? We at Sbcglobal customer service number are out to give answers to your every question.


Often it has been observed that the experience of using the Sbcglobal account on the iPhone is not remained up to the mark. The users frequently come to us to learn how to remove the account from the iPhone in the most convenient way. Before we let you learn about the whole procedure, let begin with a quick introduction to Sbcglobal.

Sbcglobal email service is accessible in the USA over the decade. The residents of the country use this service because it has a customer-friendly interface and innovative features. Unfortunately, because of some bad reasons, the users want to remove the Sbcglobal account from the iPhone. But the users need to remember that they delete the account from the iPhone, they also remove account settings, user-name, and content from the phone.

The procedure is very generic and can be easily implemented by any user. If you find it difficult to implement, then our experts will help you implement the procedure.

Here is the simple procedure to remove Sbcglobal account from the iPhone;

  • Open your phone by unlocking the home screen
  • Head to Setting option available in the email account section and click on Sbcglobal
  • A list of account will be displayed in front of you
  • Click on the account that you want to remove
  • Check the user-name and password before deleting it
  • Click Delete to permanently remove your Sbcglobal account
  • Within the next few seconds, you will get a successful message will display on the screen
  • When prompted to remove, quickly click ‘Yes’ to confirm
  • That’s it

This is all about the general method to remove your account from your iPhone. The users are supposed to end up removing their targeted accounts. But if you couldn’t end up removing the account even after implementing the procedure above, you should immediately dial our Sbcglobal customer service number. We are available 24/7 for you with the best possible help by using our extensive knowledge and experience. Also, share other issues with the Sbcglobal account on our toll-free number. Our experts will be happy to serve you.